Best Anime Character Names Male

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Best Anime Character Names Male. For this list 25 gilgamesh fate zero personalitygilgamesh. Top 20 popular anime names for boys and girls on mal.

Xue Yang 薛洋 Anime Dao Painting
Xue Yang 薛洋 Anime Dao Painting from

Our previous posts we have listed down the hot sexy and cute anime characters. Shikamaru nara naruto 4. Haven t made a top 10 male anime character list in ages.

Kenpachi was surely born to fight kill and fill soul society with violence like no other.

The list is also limited on animes i have seen. Shota kazehaya kimi ni todoke 6. Stay tuned for our top bad ass females list. These are for me one of the most badass characters in animes.