How To Draw Manga Hair Step By Step

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How To Draw Manga Hair Step By Step. To draw your manga character you will need only a pencil a sheet of paper and a good eraser. In this lesson on how to draw manga hair you will be drawing six different types of styles that you can use on any character you want to draw.


Drawing anime hair can seem tricky at first but by breaking the hair up into different sections and working on it one step at a time it s pretty simple. Starting on the top right side of the head above the forehead draw line that curves and then down all the way across the face and below the neck for the first part of the manga girl s long hair. Notice that the spikes slope up toward the eyebrow.

It includes a total of nine hairstyles with step by step drawing examples and instruction for each.

Since manga characters typically have simple geometric hair you can create excellent manga hair simply by layering shapes on top of one another and erasing the lines underneath the shapes on top. Watch all the steps that are shown in this illustration and discover how to draw manga characters by yourself. This line should come very close to the eye and at the bottom it. Start by drawing either six circles or pick a style of your choice and go from there.